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Aarogya Projects

Arogya Projects

GEM Hospital and Research Centre has started cancer screening awareness and treatment program in association with rotary club of spectrum , Centennial, Metropolis and West Coimbatore. GEM hospital and Research Centre which is Asia’s most advanced modern laparoscopy and Gastroenterology centre is joining hands with rotary club of spectrum Coimbatore to launch a cancer screening awareness and treatment program for the public. The incidence of the cancer is on the rise particularly younger population mainly because of the changes in dietary habit, sedentary life style, environmental pollution and personal habit like smoking and alcohol. To create awareness among the public about the cancer prevention, early identification and proper treatment which cures the cancer. GEM Hospital and rotary club of spectrum, Centennial, Metropolis and West have joined together to initiate periodic health camp that will be conducted at various places which is identified by members of the rotary club. These camps will be conducted by the specialists of the GEM Hospital who are involved in the treatment of cancer of gastrointestinal tract. The camp includes awareness talk in cancer by the specialist followed by examination of the participants and then followed by in relevance test taken under free of cost in the camp site itself it includes endoscopy, ultra sound abdomen, blood investigation and pap smear which can detect the cancer at the early stage. Those who are diagnosed to have cancer during the camp will be offered high quality treatment at the concession rate. The fund for these initiatives which is the flagship program of rotary Coimbatore will be jointly done by GEM Digestive Diseases foundation the non profitable origination attached with the GEM Hospital and rotary club Coimbatore. To start with the camp will be conducted every month at various locations in and around Coimbatore latter will be expanded to the surrounding districts of Coimbatore.

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